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Oil field equipment & ATA carnet clearance

Oil field equipment and ATA carnet clearance in India

Oil field equipment

Oil field equipment is the specialized machinery used to extract petroleum from the earth. Other types of Oilfield equipment used to extract Gas and Oil from natural reservoirs. There is a wide range of category in Oil field equipment, Drilling equipment, Field production machinery, Pumps and valves, wellhead equipment, hydraulic workover, wireline and slack line. There is steady demand in Oil field equipment for every year. To export and import, Oil field equipment require several clearances. Our experts who work in all major ports work quickly to clearance the cargo for the transportation of goods.

ATA carnet clearance in India

Timescan Logistics is one of the few companies involved in ATA carnet clearance in India. ATA refer to "Admission Temporaire / Temporary Admission” an International Uniform Customs have 78 countries including India are part of the membership. There are several benefits for trading between ATA carnet membership countries which include duty-free temporary admission of goods, no need customs bond and payment of duty. For business, people who travel with business materials to other ATA carnet membership country can travel easy and save time. Customs clearance requires less process for ATA carnet group and increase customs safety.