Free Trade Warehousing Zones or FTWZ Services by Timescan Logistics

Free Trade Warehousing Zone

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We offer FREE TRADE and WAREHOUSING ZONE (FTWZ) services in INDIA, Which helps to reduce taxes. It is the Free-trade Zone, You just come and park Goods – don’t require an agent to sell your goods in India now. You can sell Goods FROM OVERSEAS DIRECTLY. Our FTWZ is Located in Sriperumbudur near to Chennai which is the fastest growing business and industrial Center in Tamil Nadu. Perfect spot of our warehouse is,

  • Just 4 Km from NH-4 (Chennai -Bangalore Industrial corridor),
  • 30 Km from Chennai City,
  • With 40-50 Km distance from both Chennai and Ennore Port,
  • Less than 30 Km for Chennai International airport.

TIMESCAN Logistics offer world-class infrastructure through FTWZ. Some notable feature of our Warehouse.

  • Warehouses of 13M height with G+6 palletized racking system, super-flat&flooring & state-of-the-art Material Handling Equipments (MHEs).
  • Dedicated & customized Office space & area for Value Added Services (VAS) within the Warehouse.
  • Mezzanine storage area with temperature controlled HVAC system & optional humidity control
  • Container Yard (CY) with Pavement Quality Concrete (PQC) flooring for stacking containers in a G+5 stacking system.
  • Over Dimensional Cargo (ODC) Yard with Paver-Block flooring for storage of cargo that cannot be stored in the Warehouse.
  • Security feature is our top priority; Centralized CCTV Monitoring can store footage up to 50 days.
  • Centralized Fire Alarm Monitor integrated with CCTV, Access Control & IP Telephony to enable real-time fire detection and to notify key stake holders in case of any emergency.
  • Security personnel & supervisory staff undertake physical checks of all manpower.

Cold storage warehouse

There are a lot of temperature sensitivity products which are import and export from Cold storage Warehouse. Industries from the pharmacy, food products, plants, cologne and Chemicals manufacture temperature sensitivity products which require Cold storage warehouse. We provide world-class Cold storage warehouse with temperature controlled HVAC system with additional humidity control.

As our Warehouse located in FTWZ which support uninterrupted power supply to preserve products from decay.